Electro technical Components and drive solutions

In combination with the delivery of devices, installations and components are a proper advice for the electrical connections and control circuits often mentioned as a customer's responsibility.

An often-heard cry, of:

"electrical switchgear and electrical connections exclusive"

You do not have to meet this at Nicor International Holland BV. Often this is very important to a component, device or installation to function in that way where it have been supplied for. This is the reason why we want to offer you this service.

El. Switchboards & operation panels

Nicor International Holland BV supplies, besides conveying systems and their components, electric drive components including all electric switch materials as well.

On your request we can build these together as a complete el. Switchboard with integrated or separate mounted operation panel.

If it is for the purpose of a startup, a single electric drive (motor protection switch, star-Delta or soft starter) or operation from a single pneumatic valve, or that it concerns the total steering from a complete system, we are pleased to help you to make it function in a way you want it to operate.

Each cabinet will be build up from standard components, whether or not acc. your specifications, fully tested (including test report) and enclosed the electric schedule.

Frequency inverters

In the cases where specific regulated and/or controlled rotation speed, acceleration times, deceleration times and/or energy consumption are required, is the use from a properly configured frequency converter a very reliable solution.

The average investment for applying a correct selected and correctly configured frequency inverter can be earned back within a short time. It will also avoid unnecessary power consumption.

Please do not hesitate to inform for optional specific possibilities and application

Electric Motors and reductors

Nicor International Holland BV supplies a complete program Electric Motors and reductors for all industrial applications.

Various capacities, sizes and rotation speeds available from stock.

All standard Motors Acc. IEC norm, Isolation class F & IP55.

Of course, according to the latest energy efficiency class in accordance with IEC 60034-30 standard Class IE2.

For all electric motors we can supply axial and co-axial redactors to create the correct out going shaft rotation speed, please do not hesitate to ask for our advice for your specific application.

Nicor International Holland BV also has the expertise for measuring and/or to inspect your E motors on location or in our workshop and if necessary we can repair or recondition your engine quickly and professionally.

Also for preventive inspections and maintenance, we are featured.

In combination with the right gearbox and/or speed control we make your drive again complete to be used properly.