2. Mechanical conveying

Mechanical conveying: to be divided in to 2 groups

1. Screw conveyors & elevators
2. Belt conveyors

1. Screw conveyors & elevators


Nicor International Holland BV can supply a appropriate screw conveyor for all your required applications, various capacity’s and conveying distances possible

  • Straight tube screw conveyors
  • Trough screw conveyors
  • Flexible screw conveyors
  • Dosing screw conveyors
  • Horizontal / vertical or inclined set up
  • Horizontal or inclined set up
  • Combination horizontal and vertical set up
  • Horizontal set up only

For all positions we help you to select the correct construction or combination.

For special applications and bigger capacity’s we can supply also bucket elevators and chain elevators.